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Software for Fuel Distributors

Our motor fuel tax software focuses on the tax reporting requirements set by state governmental agencies.

Our software, JobR, creates reporting forms for the state motor fuel taxes, underground storage taxes, and inspection fees. In 1994, when the Illinois Department of Revenue issued new requirements for the electronic submission of tax forms, Codesmiths was ready. The company's JobR/Lite application was the first package approved by the Illinois Department of Revenue. Today Codesmiths is the largest supplier of electronic submission software in the state of Illinois.

JobR© makes tax reporting easy

JobR© is a software program designed to manage inventory, customer orders, and related taxes. JobR's ability to to figure multiple taxes has made it one of the most popular systems used by Illinois Jobbers. While JobR is primarily being used by Illinois Jobbers, it has the ability to figure taxes for any state. JobR produces state approved motor fuel tax reports for Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Iowa, and more. With the advent of JobR / Lite it even satisfies the required Electronic Filing of Illinois State Motor Fuel Taxes. (JobR / Lite is included with JobR - for more information, see JobR / Lite.)

Listed below are some of the features that make JobR special. Follow the links below for our Online Tour of JobR, which allows you to see what JobR looks like and outlines some of it's key features.

For further information on Tentmaker, JobR / Lite, and Stripes click on the menu items for details.

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